Colorado Rising Action - Hickenlooper Dodges Capitalist Label
March 8, 2019

Hickenlooper Dodges Capitalist Label

This morning on MSNBC, John Hickenlooper tried to dodge the “capitalist” label after bragging about his business experience for years.

VIDEO: Joe Scarborough Repeatedly Asks Hickenlooper Whether He Is A Proud Capitalist And Hickenlooper Said He’s “Not Sure About The Labels.” 
VIDEO: Immediately After The Interview, Joe Scarborough And Willie Geist Remarked On How Hickenlooper Was Afraid Of The Label “Capitalist” Because Of Fear Of The Left.
BUT, in the past, Hickenlooper has repeatedly referred to himself as a capitalist, a businessman, and an entrepreneur.
Including this account in his ex-wife Helen Thorpe’s 2009 book, where Hickenlooper introduced himself to others saying, “I’m John Hickenlooper, and I’m a capitalist.”
Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.12.35 PM.png
Additional references:
  • A December 2018 CNN Interview, Hickenlooper Called Himself A Businessman.
  • His Speech At The 2016 Democratic National Convention, Hickenlooper Said “I’m The Business Guy.”
  • In A 2013 Interview, Hickenlooper Said He Was An Entrepreneur On Loan To Public Service.


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