DCCC Meddling On Display In CO-06

DCCC Meddling On Display In CO-06

June 20, 2018

Ahead of the Democratic primary in CO-06, National Democrats were caught meddling, putting their weight behind Jason Crow.

The Intercept recently reported on a recorded conversation in which Steny Hoyer, Minority Leader Pelosi’s #2, tells Levi Tillemann that Crow being the party favorite is just how the Democratic party does it.

New election rules allowing unaffiliated voters in Colorado to vote in primaries have resulted in tougher races for the Democrats, and contenders like Tillemann have made it clear they aren’t going to quietly allow the establishment favorites to walk through the finish line.

In the recording, Hoyer explains that his support for Crow has nothing to do with the merits of Tillemann as a candidate, but the fact that “a judgment was made very early on.” He then continues on to ask Tillemann not to criticize the chosen candidate if he did in fact stay in the race.

Colorado’s 6th Congressional District has been identified as a target for Democrats, but the DCCC’s primary meddling ways are backfiring. With the progressive-leaning candidates starting to catch onto Democratic establishment tricks, the race is still anyone’s for the taking.

Nancy Pelosi even doubled down to defend Hoyer and the Democrat tactics. If they keep this up, CO-06 may very well go the way of Nebraska’s Kara Eastman, or Kentucky’s Amy McGrath who have proven that the 2018 primaries are up to the voters, not the establishment – a move that could bring Colorado far to the left of the electorate.

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