Democrats Support Giving Away Our Vote

Democrats Support Giving Away Our Vote

June 10, 2019

Democrats running against each other for U.S. Senate promoted their extreme liberal policies over the weekend. One of the more high profile candidates – Mike Johnston – commented for the first time on his support for the national popular vote movement.

This system would do away with the Electoral College, making Colorado less relevant in presidential elections.

“When the Founding Fathers built this nation, they took great care to include the Electoral College to ensure that states like Colorado have a voice in our federal government. Mike Johnston needs to answer for why he supports a system that would give our voice away to California and New York,” said Lindsey Singer, director of communications.

“Yes. I support reforming the Electoral College…I support the popular vote. I think we ought to believe the idea that one person, one vote is what this country was built on, and I think Colorado ought to follow that path.”

This issue will continue to be relevant because voters will likely have a chance to repeal the legislation on the 2020 ballot.

Recent polling has shown the national popular vote to be unpopular among Coloradans.

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