Denver Post Newsletter Features Michael Fields

Denver Post Newsletter Features Michael Fields

December 20, 2018

The Spot: Getting to know you

Most weeks we introduce you a different member of the Colorado political community. This week, meet Michael Fields.

Who are you and what do you do in Colorado politics?
I’m Michael Fields, the executive director of Colorado Rising Action. Our organization is focused on promoting conservative principles and holding the left accountable here in Colorado.

How did you end up in your current role, and why do you enjoy what you do?
I first got involved in Colorado politics as a law student at CU Boulder (Go Buffs!). I worked on a few campaigns and for the Republicans at the state House. I then taught middle school in Aurora. After that, I became the state director for Americans for Prosperity. The thing I enjoy most about my current position with Colorado Rising Action is getting to work on an array of issues that really impact Coloradans – like education and transportation.

What’s on your mind regarding local and/or national politics?
I’m always thinking about how our political system can work to provide more opportunity for more people. Colorado’s economy is ranked No. 1 in the nation, but too many people are still being left behind when it comes to prosperity. I want my three kids, and all Colorado kids, to grow up in a state that has a strong economy, a world-class education system, and a small but efficient government. When it comes to national politics, we probably don’t have enough space in this newsletter to get into that.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to politics?
Cynicism. It’s easy to fall into it because the fringes on both sides get so much attention, especially on social media. And the constant negativity found in the political dialogue turns people off to the process, especially young people. Thankfully, it’s not quite as bad here in Colorado – and I’m hoping it gets better instead of worse. Coloradans want their elected officials to come together to solve big problems. We’ve done it before, and I think we can do it again.

Who is your political hero and why? 
How could I not go with Ronald Reagan on this one? Reagan was a strong, unifying and optimistic leader. He laid out a clear vision for our country – and inspired Americans to believe anything was possible.

What’s your favorite part of Colorado?
I really enjoy traveling to different parts of the state with my family. Colorado provides access to opportunity, open spaces and a high quality of life. Some years, we even have good football.

What’s the best way for someone to get hold of you if they want to talk politics?
I’d prefer if they reached out to talk sports instead of politics, but either way, my email is and my twitter handle is @michaelclfields. And Colorado Rising Action’s website is

Who would you like to nominate to answer these questions next? 
Republican Luke Ragland and Democrat Alan Salazar

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