Colorado Rising Action - “Denver’s AOC” Sends Halfway Houses Into Chaos 
August 7, 2019

“Denver’s AOC” Sends Halfway Houses Into Chaos 

New Denver City Councilwoman, Candi CdeBaca, known as “Denver’s AOC” for her extreme Socialist views, made one of her first acts as an elected official to defund halfway houses around Denver, sending the corrections system into chaos. 

Severing ties with CoreCivic and GEO, who run the majority of Denver’s halfway facilities throws the future for more than 500 people into question – either landing them back in prison, or turning them out onto the streets. 

As reported in The Denver Post: 

“Halfway houses, or community corrections facilities, were established in Colorado in 1976 as an alternative to prison. Residents live at a supervised, unlocked facility and are required to find employment. They leave the facility for work or treatment with the ultimate goal of re-entering society.”

CdeBaca and the other council members who voted to close these facilities will be to blame for the fallout from their decision. 



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