Jared Polis Is NOT The Victim Of Physical Altercation

Jared Polis Is NOT The Victim Of Physical Altercation

September 26, 2018

The story broke yesterday about an incident where Jared Polis pushed and bruised a female former employee, but his team is working hard to turn him into the victim:

Westword: “Rather than immediately going public with information refuting the conclusions of the Free Beacon report, the Polis campaign forces got busy behind the scenes trying to make the whole matter go away…”

  • Police Report: Polis Pushed Former Employee (Washington Free Beacon)
  • 19-Year-Old Police Report Involving Candidate Jared Polis Surfaces (CPR)
  • Colorado Democrat running for governor pushed ex-female employee in 1999 altercation: report (FOX News)
  • Democrat running for Colorado governor alledgedly pushed female employee: police report (Daily Caller)
  • Jared Polis’s 1999 Brush With The Law: Spin, Smears, Victims (Westword)

Jared Polis needs to be held accountable and answer for his actions instead of placing blame on others.

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