Jared Polis’ taxpayer hypocrisy

Jared Polis’ taxpayer hypocrisy

June 28, 2018

For a man with a history of not paying his taxes, U.S. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis doesn’t seem to mind increasing yours.

Polis, one of the richest men in Congress, has sponsored a bill to repeal the 2017 Republican tax cuts that have been projected to bring between $196 and $340 million back to CO.

When recently challenged in a Democrat primary debate about his failure to pay his federal income taxes for at least five years in the early 2000, Polis claimed that it’s “completely appropriate” for him not to pay taxes at the beginning of his political career.

Now onto the general election, Polis has proposed a number of big-ticket items, including universal healthcare, free preschool for all, and paying off everyone’s college debt. The serious question of how these programs will be funded without raising taxes needs to be answered now.

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