Liberal Groups Ready TABOR Attack

Liberal Groups Ready TABOR Attack

January 11, 2019

ALL: Liberals in Colorado are preparing a new attack to completely repeal TABOR…even after voters rejected two tax increases on last November’s ballot. A 2019 ballot initiative has been submitted – and it has an initial hearing with the Title Board on January 16th.

It is unlikely that this full repeal would even be eligible for the ballot because of the single-subject requirement, passed as Referendum A in 1994.

But, regardless, TABOR is more popular than ever…Coloradans have said no to the past six statewide tax increases: Proposition 103, Amendment 66, Amendment 69, Amendment 72, Proposition 110, and Amendment 73.

“If the left wants to try take away Coloradans right to vote on tax hikes, they’re just going to be wasting their money with this ballot issue. TABOR is more popular than ever,” said Michael Fields, Executive Director.

The TABOR repeal ballot issue was submitted by the Colorado Fiscal Institute. And in a tweet before the last election, Executive Director of the liberal ProgressNow, Ian Silverii, said: “And yes, we will repeal TABOR. The whole thing. You can bet on it. If it’s the last thing we do. We will.”
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These attacks on TABOR are nothing new. As highlighted in CPR’s podcast The Taxman, back in 1992, critics of TABOR said that if it passed, there would be “chaos” – and Colorado would be “closed for business.”

But that hasn’t happened at all.

“26 years after the left claimed that TABOR would completely ruin our state, Colorado has the #1 economy in the country. That is a story that can, and will, be told across the state this year, and in the years ahead,” said Michael Fields

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