Michael Fields Challenges Amendment 73 On KUNC

Michael Fields Challenges Amendment 73 On KUNC

September 27, 2018

Michael Fields is the executive director of Colorado Rising Action, a conservative advocacy group opposed to Amendment 73. He said the corporate increase would hurt small businesses and lead to a rise in consumer prices, nor does it address how school districts spend the money. He said they don’t have a good track record of wisely using the funds they already have.

“I think we need to fix our current system before asking for more money,” said Fields.

Other critics of 73 believe the corporate tax increase could hurt the economy and businesses could leave the state.

Sven Steinmo, a professor of political science and economy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, disagrees. He said businesses choose locations because of access to resources and labor and the work environment, not state taxes.

“Colorado is not suffering from a lack of investment or a lack of people wanting to move here or set up businesses here,” said Steinmo.


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