Not Colorado’s Hickenlooper

Not Colorado’s Hickenlooper

March 4, 2019

Here’s a statement from Michael Fields on John Hickenlooper’s announcement to seek the Democratic nomination for President:

“The Hickenlooper that the rest of the country is seeing now isn’t the same Hickenlooper who worked with oil and gas and fought for Colorado energy for the last decade. National Democrats are racing to the left and he’s is trying to keep up.”

John Hickenlooper has been a long-time supporter of oil and gas development in Colorado, including hydraulic fracturing. The former geologist went as far as to drink fracking fluid to prove its safety.

But, in gearing up for his Presidential run, Hickenlooper said he supports “99% of what’s in the green new deal.

Hickenlooper is currently under investigation by the Colorado Ethics Commission for complaints that he has a habit of accepting private jet flights and other gifts without disclosing them to the public.

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