Colorado Rising Action - PETITION: Protect Our Oil & Gas Jobs!

PETITION: Protect Our Oil & Gas Jobs!

Do you want to join the thousands of Coloradans opposing the sweeping oil & gas regulations? Sign the petition!

Here’s some of what people are saying about Senate Bill 181:

Denver Post:

“We urge [Democrats] to pump the brakes on this particular piece of very complex legislation that has implications for the health of our public and our economy.”

“SB 181 is a huge omnibus oil and gas reform effort that proposes solutions to many unrelated problems that have proved elusive for years…Putting all of this together in a bill that industry leaders say they didn’t see until Friday (or even anticipate) is a bit brash.”

Ken Salazar:

“Senate Bill 181 concerning oil and gas operations is too extreme for Colorado and harmful to Colorado’s workers, schools, and businesses. The bill should be opposed as introduced.”

“Colorado has played a key role in securing that energy independence for our nation. Colorado is a leader of renewable energy. Colorado is also a center of oil and gas. The oil and gas industry in Colorado creates over one hundred thousand jobs for hard-working Coloradans, provides over one billion dollars to fund our schools and roads, and is responsible for 11 percent of the state’s gross domestic product.”

“Now SB 181 will wrongly bring our Colorado energy success story to an end.”

(Ken Salazar is the former Secretary of the Interior under President Obama and a former Democratic U.S. Senator)

DJ Friednash: Former Chief-of-Staff to John Hickenlooper

Colorado Sun:

“The bill’s sponsors, House Speaker KC Becker of Boulder and Senate Democratic leader Steve Fenberg of Boulder, worked in private and did not share the bill’s language with interest groups in the industry or environmental movement before its introduction just before 5 p.m. Friday. The bill’s fast-track path also is drawing criticism and calls for delays from Republican critics.”



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