Andrew Romanoff’s Hypocrisy

Andrew Romanoff’s Hypocrisy

June 4, 2019

In a since deleted (and then re-posted) tweet, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Andrew Romanoff took a shot at the role of PAC money in politics:

Why was it deleted? Probably because of the fact that Romanoff has taken PAC money in the past (and been criticized for it) — making this an incredibly hypocritical statement.

“Romanoff accepted special-interest money and even ran his own PAC when he was in the statehouse, and he served with distinction.” (The Denver Post Editorial)

“In fundraising solicitations, his campaign has called the influence of such donations ‘unconscionable’ and pointed to a lengthy list of corporate contributors that have given money to fellow Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. But a handful of the corporations on Bennet’s list — such as petroleum company Anadarko, communications company AT&T and health care company GlaxoSmithKline — also wrote checks to Romanoff when he served in the state House.” (The Denver Post, 12/6/09)

“In his eight years in the state House — two of which were spent as House speaker — Romanoff collected $20,215 from corporations and $23,000 from trade organizations, according to a Post analysis of campaign finance disclosures. Combined, that amount equaled 14 percent of his overall fundraising for those years.” (Jessica Fender, “Senate Candidate Romanoff Vows To Shun Corporate PAC Donations,” The Denver Post, 12/7/09)


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