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Vote No on Amendment 73: Big Tax Hike for Some, Hidden Tax Hike for Everyone

Coloradans have consistently voted down statewide tax hikes by a 2:1 margin that would grow the education bureaucracy. This year, another $1.6 billion tax hike is on the ballot.

This is a BIG tax hike for some, and a hidden tax hike for EVERYONE!

Amendment 73 would raise state taxes on businesses by 30%, passing that increase onto consumers would hit all Coloradans directly in our pocket. Some families would also see their taxes increased by up to 78%!

Instead of blanket statewide tax increases, we should support solutions that put more funding directly into the classroom, not administrative bureaucracy. We should focus on fixing the pension system (PERA) and prioritize our state’s $30 billion state budget to make this happen.

Throwing a blanket $1.6 billion tax increase on Coloradans isn’t going to fix problems in the education system.

Sign this petition today to stand up against statewide tax increases!

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Let your legislators know you support responsible education funding, not massive tax hikes!

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