TABOR Under Attack

TABOR Under Attack

January 20, 2019

In the last election, Coloradans rejected billions of dollars in tax statewide tax increases, sending the message to state government officials that they need to do a better job of allocating the state’s $33 billion budget before we’ll give them more of our hard-earned money.

Democrats heard a different message: we need to repeal the Taxpayer Bill of Rights — the only thing standing between them and unchecked growth of government.

An attempt at a FULL REPEAL of TABOR will be heard this afternoon in front of the Title Board in Denver.

Colorado Rising Action has been talking to constituents and the media about the importance of protecting TABOR and we will continue to monitor this potential ballot initiative closely.

Recent Media Coverage:

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“Going after TABOR is the left’s No. 1 priority right now because it doesn’t allow them to take more money without asking, and that’s frustrating for them,” Fields said. “They are wanting to pass a bunch of legislation that costs a lot of money, so I think they quickly looked at it and said they might have an extra billion and a half dollars this year, but they want to spend even more.” -Michael Fields, Executive Director

Michael Fields talked with Dan Caplis on KHOW about attempts to repeal TABOR:

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