The problem with single payer healthcare is the government

The problem with single payer healthcare is the government

July 11, 2018

The problem with putting the government in complete control of our healthcare system is that then the government would be in complete control of our healthcare system.

Single payer healthcare is on the ballot in Colorado this year, with candidates like Jared Polis for govenrnor running on his “longstanding support” for increasing government control of our healthcare system.

More government control is not known to make businesses more efficient or pleasant. Some of the notoriously least favorite chores – going to the post office and the DMV – are run by govenrment regulations.

There are also significant gaps in understanding what politicians like Polis mean exactly when they use the term “single payer,” and where they plan to find the money to dramatically increase state-controlled healthcare without raising taxes.

There are significant issues with healthcare here, but Americans need only look to our friends across the pond to see what the future of a single payer healthcare system would hold.

The U.K. recently began an investigation into a contaminated blood scandal in the 1970s and 1980s that led to the deaths of more than 2,400 people and potential subsequent government attempt to sweep it under the rug. That’s almost 50 years to START investigating the coverup of thousands of deaths.

“My gut feeling is basically like, I don’t think we should allow people to come in unless they want to work. We shouldn’t just give people everything,” said a voter interviewed by Buzzfeed who said Medicare for All sounds like “a socialist system.”

Does Jared Polis support a true socialist single payer system? And what is his plan to fund it without asking Coloradans for a drastic tax increase? These are questions taxpayers need to ask before November.

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