VIDEO: Polis’ “Fake News” On Carbon Tax

VIDEO: Polis’ “Fake News” On Carbon Tax

October 26, 2018

ALL: Jared Polis claimed yesterday that his support for a carbon tax is “fake news.”

“Jared Polis can’t keep changing his stance on important energy issues and think that we won’t notice. His past actions and statements speak loudly to what his priorities would be in the governor’s office.” – Michael Fields, Executive Director.

Here is a recap of his well documented – as recent as a debate last week – support for a carbon tax:

Video clips from 9 News and Congressman Jared Polis‘ Facebook

“Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis said he supports a new tax on carbon pollution — one of a handful of tax hikes he endorsed in the latest debate.” – Colorado Sun

“When asked to weigh in briefly on climate change for the first time this debate season, Polis said he’d support a carbon tax…”Colorado Independent


  • In Congress, Polis voted in 2016 and 2018 against resolutions that denounced a carbon tax.
  • In 2013, Polis voted against prohibiting Obama from imposing a carbon tax without Congressional approval.


  • In December 2017, The Brookings Institute reported that “One concern with the carbon tax is that it is regressive, meaning lower income households bear a larger burden of the tax as a fraction of their income than higher income households do.”
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, a carbon tax would lead to lower wages, less labor, less investment, would disproportionately impact low-income households, and would lead to higher electricity prices.

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