Colorado Rising Action - Where do the Dems stand on felon voting
May 23, 2019

Where do the Dems stand on felon voting

Where do Colorado’s Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate stand on giving terrorists, rapists, and other felons the right to vote while in prison? Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and others have been vocal about their support, but so far we haven’t heard from Colorado Democrats running for federal office.

Colorado’s ADX Supermax prison in Florence – the only supermax in the nation – is home to some of the nation’s most well-known terrorists — the Boston Marathon bomber, the Unabomber, and the Olympic park bomber are among them.

It’s a question that U.S. Senate candidates, like Mike Johnston and Andrew Romanoff, should be asked: Are you in favor of giving felons and terrorists the right to vote while in prison? We know where a vast majority of Americans stand. They think it’s a terrible idea.


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