Which Hickenlooper will Colorado get?

Which Hickenlooper will Colorado get?

August 14, 2020

What does John Hickenlooper have to say about VP pick Kamala Harris’ enthusiasm to ban fracking, which would kill more than 200,000 jobs in Colorado?

His position hasn’t been consistent over the years…

2020 Campaign Hickenlooper: 

  • “My goal (as Governor) was to make fracking obsolete.” (April 15, 2020, virtual event)
  • At a townhall event, Hickenlooper said he’d support 99% of the green new deal
  • In November, Hickenlooper said he would “probably even go further” than the green new deal.

Pre-2020 Hickenlooper:

  • Drank fracking fluid and talked about how harmless it is at a congressional hearing.
  • In a 2016 “Colorado Matters” interview, Hickenlooper said that fracking “in real time, is dramatically cleaning  up our air and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in a way that we could not  possibly do using solar or wind, without some more time for those technologies to lower their cost.”
  • In an interview with Boulder Magazine in 2011, Hickenlooper advocated for natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper, and safer alternative to imported oil & gas. 
  • At a 2012 energy forum, Hickenlooper said that the anxiety people have with fracking “isn’t directly connected to facts.”
  • Hickenlooper worked to to keep an anti-drilling initiative off of the 2014 ballot
  • Hickenlooper supported lawsuits against communities that passed fracking bans

Energy development is one of Colorado’s primary economic drivers, and voters deserve to know which Hickenlooper they would get in November. 

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