Hickenlooper’s Government-Run Health Care

Hickenlooper’s Government-Run Health Care

Hickenlooper and national Democrats want the government to have more control over every aspect of our health care.

October 14, 2020

Like his national party leaders, John Hickenlooper supports giving the government more control over our health care system, which would mean kicking 178 million Americans off of their health care plans without increasing the cost or quality of care.

Senator Cory Gardner recently compared putting government bureaucrats in charge of our health care to “getting a colonoscopy at the DMV” — it’s not right.

Hickenlooper is part of the national Democratic agenda to double down on Obamacare while they create a single-payer health care system where the government controls everything. We cant trust politicians and unelected bureaucrats with our health care, and we shouldn’t have to.

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