Issue Areas

The success of our nation, and the state of Colorado, is under constant siege from the socialist policies being pushed by left-wing politicians. Their radical agenda would bankrupt our country and exponentially increase the size and scope of the federal government. 

Colorado Rising Action is dedicated to defeating these socialist policies by advancing conservative principles through cutting-edge research, rapid response communications, a statewide tracking network, and digital platforms.


A single-payer approach to health care would cost taxpayers more than $32 trillion over ten years, eliminate private insurance, and force every American into a one-size-fits all government-run health insurance plan. Colorado Rising Action supports a system that lowers costs, improves access, and provides consumers with the freedom to control their own health care decisions. 


Policies included in the Green New Deal, like banning fracking, would destroy the economy and eliminate millions of family-supporting jobs nation-wide. Colorado Rising Action holds progressives accountable for this misguided policy and exposes the devastating impact it would have on life in Colorado.  


State and federal officeholders nationwide have increasingly embraced a radical socialist agenda that would put the federal government in control of virtually every aspect of our lives. Colorado Rising Action stands firmly against increasing government control, which would suffocate middle-class families and small businesses with new taxes, fees and regulations. 


Coloradans are just beginning to feel the benefits of the 2017 tax reforms, and have some of the most unique and voter-centered tax laws in the nation. Colorado Rising Action is dedicated to supporting tax reform that allows Coloradans to reap the benefits of their hard work.

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