CA Billionaire Playing in CO Politics

CA Billionaire Playing in CO Politics

July 9, 2018

With the announcement that California Billionaire Tom Steyer will again be playing in Colorado political races up and down the ballot this fall, the question remains if his chosen candidates agree that nuclear annihilation is needed to end President Donald Trump’s administration.

Republicans in Colorado have been able to hold a one-vote majority in the State Senate. Steyer hopes that his influx of out-of-state cash will thumb the scales in the Democrat’s favor coming this November.

Steyer is determined to drag the Democrat party farther and farther to the left – and U.S. Congressman and gubanitorial candidate Jared Polis- and hoped to garner Colorado’s support for impeaching President Trump during a stop on his “townhall tour.”

Even some Democrats see that there is a line between disagreeing with Trump and calling for his impeachment that they are unwilling to cross:

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