Colorado Rising Action - Can you comply with new emissions laws?
June 5, 2019

Can you comply with new emissions laws?

Here’s a fact: In order to meet the greenhouse gas emission targets set by the state legislature for 2030, total emissions in Colorado would need to fall 65% from the last projection.

Coloradans are good about protecting our environment, and voters over the last several years have shown that they support reasonable measures to further protect our land, air, and water. But these targets didn’t go through the voters.

A requirement to reduce emissions by 65% in just over 10 years would be an incredible disruption to businesses and consumers across the state.

Common Sense Policy Roundtable crunched the numbers and found just how large the gap is between the 2030 projected emissions and where the new law requires us to be:

If you’re interested in learning more about how these new regulations will impact your life, check out the full report from Common Sense Policy Roundtable.


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