Colorado Rising Action - Colorado Independent: Which Jared Polis Would Colorado Get?
August 22, 2018

Colorado Independent: Which Jared Polis Would Colorado Get?


During a recent candidate forum, Polis was asked to clarify his views on the ballot measure, given he supported previous ballot efforts for increased setbacks, but opposes the current one.

“People who believe in you as an environmental champion still sometimes get confused on where you are on setbacks and oil and gas,” the event moderator told him. “Can you kind of just expound on that for us for a little bit? … Just sort of make it make sense for people who are like, ‘Well, what are you doing?’”

Polis responded, “Well, I think people kind of understand that I try to push where I can to protect our health and safety, for greater setbacks that allow property owners to have more rights, and people also realize I have to operate in the political arena to accomplish things that often involve compromise.”

The conservative 501(c)4 political group Colorado Rising Action — not to be confused with the pro-Initiative 97 group Colorado Rising — posted video of the exchange:

At the end of Wednesday’s session at The Energy Summit, Dan Haley, the president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, told luncheon attendees they must be prepared to work with Polis if he becomes governor.

“There are going to be times,” if Polis is elected, Haley said, “when we’re going to disagree with him, and we’re going to disagree vehemently— and we’re going to do so in a very civil manner.”


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