Colorado Rising Action - Colorado Rising Action Releases 2019 Opportunity Agenda
December 19, 2018

Colorado Rising Action Releases 2019 Opportunity Agenda

DENVER, Colo. – Ahead of the 2019 meeting of the Colorado General Assembly, Colorado Rising Action has released an “Opportunity Agenda,” outlining conservative principles to guide legislators on policy issues that matter most to Coloradans.

The agenda gives broad recommendations on the following issues:

  • Promoting & Protecting TABOR & Coloradans’ ability to control the size of government
  • Supporting an “all of the above” energy approach
  • Prioritizing transportation & fixing our roads
  • Continuing to improve our education system
  • Health care — lowering costs, increasing quality & accessibility

The General Assembly should use the $30 billion state budget effectively to address these challenges. By focusing on expanding career options, bolstering the economy through small business, and using a small and efficient government, we will see greater opportunities for all Coloradans.

“This is a pivotal time to establish a vision for Colorado’s future, and we want to talk about how conservative policies can create opportunities to increase prosperity for all Coloradans – especially those who aren’t currently feeling the effects of our booming economy,” said Michael Fields, Colorado Rising Action Executive Director.

In 2016, Coloradans voted down single-payer health care by a 58 percent margin. In 2018, voters soundly defeated two massive tax hikes, rejected an extreme setback for oil and gas development, and embraced a new process for redistricting. Colorado Rising Action will work to hold lawmakers in the state accountable to the will of the people.


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