Gov. Hickenlooper’s Private Jet-Setting Brings Ethics Complaint

Gov. Hickenlooper’s Private Jet-Setting Brings Ethics Complaint

October 15, 2018

According to a 187-page ethics complaint filed last Friday, Governor Hickenlooper has violated state ethics and reporting laws on several occasions by accepting private jet flights and lavish travel expenses and not reporting them.

The Governor could make these complaints all go away by simply proving that he paid for the expenses himself (as he has claimed), but it’s been 4 days since the story broke and all we’ve heard is his staff trying to help him sweep it under the rug.

“It’s one thing that Hickenlooper is traveling around the world and measuring drapes for the White House, but in accepting these lavish trips, he’s breaking Colorado law,” said Communications Director Lindsey Singer.

Denver Post: Gov. Hickenlooper jet-sets across the globe on private planes paid for by others, new ethics complaint alleges

“Governor Hickenlooper’s extravagant travel habits have been the source of public speculation for years,” McNulty said in a news release issued Friday. “After conducting extensive research, we learned that the problem is far more serious than any of us could have realized.”

“PTI lays out a number of other flights Hickenlooper took before 2018, which it says is proof of his long-standing use of unreported privately paid travel, many of them on jets owned by Douglas County-based Liberty Media Corp., run by billionaire John Malone. Hickenlooper’s wife, Robin, is senior vice president of corporate development at Liberty Media.”

The headlines piled up over the weekend without any proof from the Governor’s Office to discredit the claims:

Associated Press: Hickenlooper’s office labels ethics complaint a political stunt

Colorado Sun: Gov. Hickenlooper faces ethics complaint regarding his travel ahead of 2020

Colorado Springs Gazette: Gov. Hickenlooper faces state ethics complaint over lavish trips abroad

9News: Ethics complaint alleges Hickenlooper violated travel & gift rules, tried to conceal violations

Colorado Public Radio: Complaint: Hickenlooper Didn’t Report DIA Travel As Gifts; Governor’s Office Disputes

Washington Free Beacon: Colo. Gov. Hickenlooper Accepted Prohibited Gifts of Private Plane Use, Complaint Alleges

He’s going to be doing a lot more traveling soon. We wonder who will be paying.

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