Polis’ Deficit Deceit

Polis’ Deficit Deceit

August 1, 2018

Within one week, these two things happened:

1.Congressman Jared Polis voted against a 2.6 percent pay raise for U.S. troops (By the way, the bill still passed with a bipartisan majority of 359-54). He defended his vote, saying he cares too much about our nation’s deficit to add to it by supporting our American soldiers.

2. A report was released showing that the Bernie Sanders/Jared Polis universal Medicare for all policy will cost American taxpayers $33 trillion.

How does Congressman Polis reconcile wanting to add $33 trillion to the national deficit to expand government run healthcare, while at the same time voting against a modest pay increase for soldiers who make a median wage of $36,000?

This editorial from The Gazette says, We appreciate the congressman’s views on fiscal restraint, but wish they weren’t so selective.” Same, Gazette. Same.

“We are somewhat surprised by the congressman’s opposition to more military funding. Polis serves on the Air Force Academy Board of Visitors. He co-founded Patriot Boot Camp to assist veterans and military spouses with entrepreneurial pursuits. Polis called after we emailed him our concerns.

“One of the biggest threats to national security is the fiscal stability of the country,” Polis said. “Adding more debt makes us more vulnerable to China, Saudi Arabia and others we borrow from.”

First Jared Polis must reconcile this with himself, and then he should loop in Coloradans.


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