Colorado Rising Action - REGISTER TODAY For Local Government Training
December 18, 2018

REGISTER TODAY For Local Government Training

Local Government Project
A Training Event

Have you ever wanted to know how to get something on your local ballot? We’re always looking at the state issues, but often tax increases or other intrusions on liberty are put on your city or county ballot. Colorado Rising Action and The Independence Institute will be holding a free training session to discuss how to put your own initiatives up for a vote — or at the very least fight the overreach of government through the ballot box. This will be a practical how to session.

We’ll also teach the skills you’ll need to apply for local board positions and to serve as an effective leader. The training will cover the board/commission application process, what to expect once you’re on a board, and the ongoing support we can offer to you and you serve your community.

The training will be hosted by Kathleen Chandler of the Independence Institute, and our Executive Director Michael Fields.

WHEN: Saturday, January 12

9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

WHERE: Independence Institute

727 East 16th Avenue, Denver


If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Chandler (

Free parking is available and refreshments will be provided.


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