Socialism Leading the Pack Toward New Hampshire

Socialism Leading the Pack Toward New Hampshire

February 10, 2020

Iowa was a mess. But heading into the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders

The party that can’t seem to coordinate a state caucus wants full control of our health care and business decisions through policies like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal. 

Here’s a statement from Colorado Rising Action Executive Director, Tilor Ridge on the state affairs in the Democrat party: 

“At a time when our national economy is thriving, and Colorado is leading the way, we welcome the conversation about why policies supported by Bernie Sanders and John Hickenlooper are a bad idea.”

As national Democrats move further outside the mainstream, Democrat politicians in Colorado like John Hickenlooper follow. from last summer (while he was running for President) where Hickenlooper pleads with constituents that he is “just as progressive as…Bernie Sanders,” a self-proclaimed Socialist.  

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