Socialism Leading the Pack Toward New Hampshire

Socialism Leading the Pack Toward New Hampshire

February 10, 2020

Iowa was a mess. But heading into the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders leads the pack

The party that can’t seem to coordinate a state caucus wants full control of our health care and business decisions through policies like Medicare for all and the Green New Deal. 

Here’s a statement from Colorado Rising Action Executive Director, Michael Fields on the state affairs in the Democrat party: 

“At a time when our national economy is thriving, and Colorado is leading the way, we welcome the conversation about why policies supported by Bernie Sanders and John Hickenlooper are a bad idea.”

As national Democrats move further outside the mainstream, Democrat politicians in Colorado like John Hickenlooper follow. Here’s a video from last summer (while he was running for President) where Hickenlooper pleads with constituents that he is “just as progressive as…Bernie Sanders,” a self-proclaimed Socialist.  

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