The Cost of Government-Run Health Care In Colorado

The Cost of Government-Run Health Care In Colorado

Government-run health insurance will cause 2.9 million Coloradans to lose their health insurance and more than 23,000 jobs lost.

November 12, 2020

What are the consequences of Medicare For All and public option health care systems, supported by Senator-elect John Hickenlooper and other Democrats? In Colorado it means an estimated 2.9 million people could lose their employer-based health insurance coverage, and more than 23,000 jobs could be at risk — meanwhile, Washington bureaucrats would cement their place between patients and their doctors. 

Under Hickenlooper’s tenure as Governor, Coloradans insured through their employers paid more and more every year, with the average family premium almost doubling in under a decade, and a 53% increase to the average deductible. 

YearAverage Single PremiumAverage Employee-Plus-One PremiumAverage Family Premium
              (“Medical Expenditure Panel Survey,” Agency For Healthcare Research And Quality, Accessed 11/4/19)

And while he recently campaigned on “near universal coverage” in Colorado, rural areas suffered from his policies — enduring high uninsured rates and astronomical costs. Despite these results, Hickenlooper made it clear during his Senate campaign that he will support federal public health insurance. 

The impacts of government-run health care in Colorado would be devastating on our pocketbooks, as well as the quality of care that comes from a close doctor-patient relationship. 

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