Jared Polis Is Having A Bad Week

Jared Polis Is Having A Bad Week

August 2, 2018

This hasn’t been a good week for Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis.

Under the category of totally self-made problems, Jared has doubled down on his refusal to attend a well-established debate organized by Club 20, which represents more than 20 counties in the mostly rural western slope of Colorado.

Club 20 says this is a first in the 30 years they’ve been holding the debate and is calling it a “slap in the face to all of Western Colorado.”

He’s still being asked to reconsider.

Jared Polis was slammed for voting against the popular John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. It passed without his help and will give Colorado’s 47,600 troops a 2.6% pay raise.

The Gazette reported that while Jared Polis is worth $400 million, the average soldier makes $36,200 a year.

A Mercatus Center report was released putting the price tag for a single-payer health care system at $33 trillion. Jared Polis has been a longtime advocate for a single-payer system, and has made it part of his policy platform for governor.

We have the cost of a single-payer system, but we still don’t know Jared Polis’ plan for Coloradans to pay for it.


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